Current MA Work

My most recent work is inspired by the natural world around me. After studying the many formations, patterns and textures found in nature I developed a particular interest in lichens, mosses and fungi.  Using primary research I collect when out and about, I study the subject matter which directly informs the colour and texture choices I make.

This project initially started with ceramics but I had the desire to experiment with combining textiles which has led to this interesting juxtaposition between the hard, rigid nature of porcelain and the soft yielding nature of the textiles. The work combines a variety of different techniques including ceramic hand building, rag rugging, hand tufting, felting, embroidery and disperse dye. This unlikely combination of materials and techniques brings a tactile quality to my work which I continue to exploit and explore. Through my work I wish to convey a sense of stumbling upon a miniature natural world. I hope my work intrigues those who see it and that it will help to bring an appreciation to these aspects of nature that are beautiful but very often overlooked as such.