Ideas for this project stemmed from the theme of memory. A variety of mixed media pieces make up this project, each idea starting with old appropriated photographs. I became fascinated with the history held within these photographs and thought of how I could create a new narrative by manipulating them in various ways.

The photographs came from various places and include people whose identities have unfortunately been forgotten over time. Although the people featured had nothing in common on the surface, they all presented the same thing to me: their anonymity. Each photo came to me without a trace of identity or background which left me questioning the nature and individuality of these people’s lives. This project was the result of my exploration into the concept of recording memories and inventing new narratives.


The delicacy and fragility my choice of materials gives to these pieces of work speaks of how easily identity can be lost and fragmented over time. The recurring use of threads as connections illustrates the fragile nature of memories and highlights the importance of preserving them.