Final Major Project 2018


For my BA Final Major Project I was interested in creating a range of homeware objects that were both decorative and functional. I specifically chose to hand build the forms for this collection. It was important for me that each piece retained the marks and indents left by my hands during the hand building process as I wanted my work to be noticeably hand made. Moulds were made from the original hand built forms to enable quicker production while still preserving those marks from the initial process. 

Surface pattern was also very important for me in this collection. I wanted the surface to be in keeping with the form of the ceramics so chose to hand paint each design to reflect the hand built nature of the collection. Free hand brush strokes were used to create three key patterns to be used across the five forms in the collection. 

“A collection of hand built and slip casted ceramic homewares that are both decorative and functional. These contemporary pieces have a handcrafted, tactile and organic charm while being duarable enough for everyday use. In a world of mass production these lovingly made ceramics, featuring hand painted surfaces and gold painted rims aim to bring a touch of originality to any home. The handmade nature of this collection means every piece is truly unique as no two are quite the same.”