Annie Wilkinson is a designer maker currently exploring ideas and themes through the combination of ceramic and textile materials. She draws her inspiration from the world around her, most recently the natural world. After studying the many formations, patterns and textures found in nature she developed a particular interest in lichens, mosses and fungi.

Initially working with ceramics she was excited by the thought of combining clay with textiles. After experimenting with this combination of materials it led to an interesting juxtaposition between the hard, rigid nature of fired porcelain and the soft yielding nature of the textiles. This unlikely combination of materials brings a tactile quality to her work which she continues to exploit and explore in a variety of ways.

Through her work she wishes to convey a sense of stumbling upon a miniature natural world. She hopes that her work will intrigue those who see it and that it will help bring an appreciation to these aspects of nature that might often be overlooked.